Leo's Testing Ground is a catalogue-like project showcase website. On this website, you can find projects that I've made, and you can see with what technologies I made them with.

Leo's Testing Ground is also a folder located on a self-hosted Linux server, which contains all of the project production files. This means, that all the projects I've made, I don't host on the conventional way, like using Github Pages, or Netlify. I self-host all of my projects.

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Hi there, my name is Leonardo Roić. I am a frontend developer with 2+ years of experience in professional graphic design. My favourite niche is marketing, which, as a hobby, I'm doing for a year now. People often describe me as a loyal, friendly and easygoing person. I am very passionate about connections I build with other people. My main hobbies are listening to podcasts, watching self-help videos, reading productivity and self-help books. And, of course, playing video games.
The thought of me not knowing everything in frontend development sparks my motivation and is really exciting for me.
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I love business meetings and I love to explain abstract, complex topics to regular people. For the past year I have been extensively studying everything there is to study about creating and developing good looking, user-friendly and performant websites.
If I were pitching myself to you, the one liner I'd use is that I'm not affraid to learn anything, and get the work done, properly.
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